A not so rational, and probably rather biased, take on mental health.

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The problem with how mental health is portrayed or talked about is that you are either a monster, completely unstable and fundamentally evil, or some sort of dysfunctional garbage, too fragile to function and add any sort of worth value to the real world, the one that exists outside of your loony brain.

If these are the only two boxes that the world will allow you to fit in, how on earth will you ever be able to open up???

And this is how this sick loneliness starts…

Try to accept things as they are, right here right now

For a strange mix of coincidences, namely my therapist advising me on starting to be empathetic with myself and one of my professors trying to teach me benevolence and trust, I have decided to stop dismissing the positive aspects about myself.

In practical terms, this means that every time someone will highlight something positive about my persona, I will go against my instinct of making a sarcastic joke about it, thinking that they are lying, finding 26,474,830 reasons why the compliment is factually wrong and other funny tricks.


Cognitive behavioral therapy, its important principles and how they are working for me.

Since life had a twisted sense of humor towards me in the last months, I have decided to fight back and start once again therapy … for the third time. Well, after all three is a magic number so maybe this time I will fix myself once and for all.

I will not bother explaining why the first two times therapy was not effective (spoiler: it was me!) and I will simply say that in August I have begun working with a great therapist that applies the…

Crisis is not a good teacher … indeed it is not a teacher at all.

In the business world we have been taught that crises are opportunities, that smart leaders know how to turn any scandal in an occasion to thrive and that where others see difficulties, we should see chances to improve ourselves.

Indeed, there are several examples of companies that managed to achieve that, one for all might be considered IBM that has been able to reinvent itself successfully anytime its business stopped being profitable; in IBM’s history, a bump in the road has been seen as a…

Own who you are and you will sparkle!

2019 is almost over and let’s be honest, it has not been the best year. From the terrible Game of Thrones’ ending, to the apparently impeding crisis that will crush Germany and maybe Europe altogether, to the way some Italian politician decided to close the ports, disrespecting international laws and also the most basic human decency, we do not have much to be happy about.

If we have a closer look, though, we can find a small root of hope, coming from a world that it is often associated, in the worst…

Am I a hater?

On body-shaming and how to be a better person.

These are chaotic days for Italy, a new government has just been formed and hopefully it will be more humane than its predecessor.

The previous one lasted 14 months and for this period the Italian writer Michela Murgia has been heavily insulted on social media by random haters for the way she looks (maybe also for the way she criticized the former Italian Vice Prime Minister, Matteo Salvini, who is a hater himself).

How is she? Well, she is overweight, and this simple fact apparently entitled people…

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